I am a Manchester based photographer that takes great pride in capturing the true spirit and personality of the people that I photograph. I’ve been a professional photographer for nearly 5 years. But I’ve been passionate about photography since I was a child spending all my hard-earned pocket money and savings on a camera when I was only ten.

My weekends are normally taken up photographing stunning wedding couples tying the knot on their big day. I travel all over the North of UK shooting weddings. I personally find nothing better than working with a bride and groom to produce creative, relaxed and stylish looking images that they will admire forever.

I can’t think of anything more special than being able to visually stop a special moment, for all of time to come and for future generations to look back on with the same wonder and fascination I had and still have.

My photography style is very natural for the most part of any shoot. I do and can offer direction and a small amount of positioning if required but normally I try to let things happen naturally. We are different, look different, interact and behave differently and for this reason it would be wrong to assume I have a magic formula for each shoot. I try to read and react to the individuals and location in order to really capture true personalities and moments.

During most of the weddings I have photographed, guests have approached me to say how unobtrusively I work. Which for me is always a huge compliment. I am employed to capture the beautiful day and remain in the background and much as possible. I want the day to run naturally and allow the bride and groom to have fun without me constantly taking up their time.

Kids Party Photographer
2010 – Present

Wedding Photographer
2011 – Present

General & Social Photography
2005 – Present

Model Photography
2015 – Present

Lifestyle Photographer
2013 – Present